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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda
Dear Producer,
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 And we haven't forgotten our neighbors to the North. Yesterday was Canada Day! Woo hoo!
Hardcore American Patriots thinking of Canada.

There is a lot to discuss on Thursday including the apparent marketing meeting that took place among the ISIS/ISIL upper management leading to a re-branding. We can only imagine how that meeting went. Now it is actually calling itself a Caliphate. This cannot be sitting well with anyone in the region.

Now we see newspapers attempting to dissect the new book, Blood Feud which resulted in this NY Post article Headlined, Bill: My death would get 2M votes for Hillary.Read it here. Your No Agenda Show has discussed this maudlin possibility for years. Now it’s gone mainstream.
But note, in the past, Regnery Press, the conservative publisher that printed Blood Feud,never got much attention from any mainstream media. Has anything changed? No Agenda analysis says yes.

Your No Agenda Show keeps you far in front of the non-listeners. Enjoy the advantage and enjoy the only realistic perspective in news analysis today.


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