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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

This is a second test of a new mobile phone compatible template. It may not work because too many email systems see this sort of platform-flexible email as spam. The Saturday mailing resulted in 2/3s of the producers and subscribers never getting the newsletter.

It’s a great template but if the Google home office deems it as an indicator of spam, then it can no longer be used. Sorry.

The lack of response resulted in very little regular donations to the show. Most of the support came from 3 big donations from three knights. Remember everything helpsClick here and support the Thursday show.
More importantly go into your email spam boxes (if you are even getting this newsletter) and click on the NOT SPAM button.

And yes, this is an ongoing struggle for us and everyone else who have to go through email systems that cannot tell the difference between a legitimate subscribed email mailing and actual junk mail. Incompetence hurts everyone.
World Cup Rigging UpdateTomorrow you will hear a tremendous explanation for the Germany-Brazil World Cup match. It appears to have violated all the No Agenda “Rigged Sports” rules. But, then again, maybe not!
On tomorrow’s show you can also expect continued analysis of the recent money grabs by DHS (whatever happened at the Entebbe Airport, anyway?) and other government agencies. Continued negative coverage of Hillary Clintoncontinues with people coming out of the woodwork to slam her and derail any sort of Presidential bid. Your No Agenda Show looks at this and all political news from a perspective you are never going to find anywhere else.
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