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Saturday, July 12, 2014

No Agenda-The Saturday Missive

I’ll continue to complain about the email deliveries on the show rather than in an email that people won’t get anyway! The MailChimp people are looking into this, but some spam experts say that it may actually be large organizations other than Google responsible. Long story. In a nutshell all I can say is please help support the show by clicking here, especially if you have never contributed before. 


There is too much going on to ignore with rockets flying in and out of Gaza. This conflict never ends and the reporting on the situation is poor. Luckily, we have some boots on the ground, but this scene is so laden with pro and con propaganda that it is hard to tell what’s what. Count on your No Agenda Show to get to the bottom of it. Thesis: Oil rights are involved.
The Sunday Show will have the final discussion regarding the World Cup. It’s good that this event is only once in four years.

In other news, does anyone besides me find it disturbing that our most secure labs are mishandling deadly pathogens including bird flu and anthrax to the point where the places need to be shuttered? Then someone finds some old Small Pox virus in storage at the NIH? Cripes.


Hey, but there’s a new iPhone coming out soon!

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PS Here is the promised picture of Adam and Micky after they went on a boat with Sir Gene, 
Baron de Marriott, Sheriff of Texax on Sir Gene's boat. Next thing you know this happened. If any Dutch gossip sheets want a higher resolution file. It's for sale. 

Well, Micky always looks photogenic, so that's a plus.
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