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Saturday, July 5, 2014

No Agenda-Saturday Memo

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You have to admit that last Thursday’s show was epic with wall to wall deconstructions that were more informative and educational than anything you will ever hear on any news and analysis show anywhere. We made it clear that there was no way this could have been possible without your help because the corruption of advertising would have made it impossible. It is through your direct and generous contributions that we are able to do this show for you. Please keep this going with a special $74.14 Fourth of July weekend support contribution by clicking here.
PBS produced an over-the-top exploitation of the Washington, DC 4th of July celebration replete with fake B-roll shots of the joyous public singing along with Frankie Valli and others. It was all sponsored by Boeing and reminiscent of the old "Up with People" singers. It was a weird show show right out of the Third Reich.
A popular Sirius radio show host was fired this week because the brass did not approve of his off-air antics on Twitter after apparently being punched in the face by a streetwalker in New York. People who run networks and own shows are fickle and if No Agenda was not independent and producer-financed your No Agenda Show would be in constant jeopardy. Visit the support page to show your support of the only true independent media.
After Adam deconstructed the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision -- an astonishing analysis as far as I’m concerned -- you have to conclude that no aspect of the mainstream or alternative media can even approach what we do in quality, probing analysis. Keep the support coming and we’ll keep doing it.
I was personally repulsed by a tweet (above) from Amy Goodman’s Democracy Nownot-so-subtly implying that the American revolution, celebrated yesterday, stemmed from slavery issues in 1776. The tweet asked the question “Was the Revolutionary War a Conservative Revolt in Favor of Slavery?” These people, who should be free-thinkers, albeit left-wingers, are shameless agenda-driven politicos as are all the ideologues on Fox, MSNBC and all the networks. It’s all about getting you to vote for or against an established political party.
Dude, when Michelle is not around, all you do is eat! Let's talk about me.
None of the above-mentioned "networks" promote your mental health and ability to think for yourself and feel good because you now understand what is really going on and who is behind it.

On your No Agenda Show you get a reality check.
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