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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

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The news for the week is already out-of-control with nonsense stories dominating the media including the fishy customer-service phone call starring Ryan Block and an unknown customer service rep from Comcast. Also Charlie Sheen is back in the news with some dubious YouTube video? Agh.

You can see why you and others turn to the No Agenda Show for analysis of important news that will affect your life in real ways.

Meanwhile, the back-and-forth shelling continues between Gaza and Israel -- all apparently designed to make one country look particularly bad at the expense of too many dead civilians.

I poke your eyes!!

One story that should make you pause is this headline: Time Warner Shares Surge after Rebuffing Murdoch Bid. This is disconcerting because the $80 billion deal should be disallowed as anti-competitive. But that doesn’t even enter the conversation as it appears that the entire cable business is headed to one large monopoly over the next few years.

And that weird customer service conversation being highlighted by the network news will go like this:

Customer: I want to quit my account with Comcast.
Comcast: Can’t do it. By law you have to keep the account.

Done! Much shorter and snappier.

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