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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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Please help show 669 with any sort of thematic 69 donation, including the classic 69.69 which ran as a streak for nearly two years. $66.90 would also help. You should know that last Sunday’s show had the least support of any show for the last two months and more help is needed for show 669. How about $669? Pick an amount and click here and enter it in the box.The show does indeed need your continued support.
Tomorrow’s show has a lot to cover for you including a sketchy climate deal with China that doesn’t really do anything until 2030 while being praised as a big deal. Ebola has broken out in Mali for some unknown reason. The European Space Agency landed on a comet. France is going to recognize Palestine as a country. And then there is the ludicrous story about this dangerous 19-year old “bug” in Microsoft products [link] that borders on the idiotic.
There are a lot of stories that only No Agenda can cover without the influence of advertisers, and with afresh eye and perspective that makes you see things differently. Isn’t that worth something to you? Please contribute to the show today. Use the support page here or the open donation PayPal page here.
Remember that the No Agenda Show is your best entertainment and information value giving you an uncorrupted perspective you cannot get anywhere else. Keep it going strong.
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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