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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

Scamming the Senate with Fake Photo

Senate rejects Keystone Pipeline thanks to Babs Boxer



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Look at this photo of Barbara Boxer, US Senator from California. Throughout the debate over the Keystone XL pipeline she discusses how the tar sands crude would make matters worse at the Port Arthur Oil refinery outside of Houston. Twice she brought up this photo of the supposed refinery as a background to this playground saying kids ran away from this playground.

In the background as you can see, the refinery is smoking from most of its stacks in ways that are illegal and would be cited by regional air pollution authorities if not the hard-ass EPA. And, generally speaking, any smoke coming from an oil refinery since the 1970’s would only be emitted during an emergency and only from the flares. That’s unless the place was exploding. This picture is ridiculous.
Here is a random Google street view image of this refinery, one of the most modern in the world. It shows zero emissions. Where is all that smoke scaring the children?
Here is the playground. Go to Google maps here to look around this park. Where is the background refinery as shown by Barbara Boxer? It’s not there. From the angle of the swing set compared to the hanging tire the shot was taken from behind what you see here. But, in fact, the refinery is straight ahead. Unless there is a duplicate park with the same hanging tire and red poles the refinery cannot be seen from anywhere around here.  Again, go look for yourself with Google street view.

This is Roosevelt Park, two closer parks, Bryant and Bluebonnet do not have the hanging tires/swing set with the red poles. And there is no visible refinery from those either.
Anyone in the US Senate should have seen this Photoshop fraud photo for what it was, but nobody said a word. The entire hearing was theater. A charade. The level of corruption or outright stupidity in the Senate is at an outrageous level. No modern refining or manufacturing facility in the USA of any sort would be pumping this much black smoke and still be operating. Who are they trying to kid with this sort of fakery?
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