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Friday, November 27, 2015

Apple iPad Pro Claims Its First Victim As It Destroys Google's Flagship

​This (mad) Englishman is just that.. completely mad, to even attempt to compare the ipad pro to the chromebook pixel.. Although I don't own an ipad pro, I do own 3 other ipads and I do own a pixel as well as 2 other chromebooks and a Macbook Pro.. The pixel is by far, the best computer I have ever owned​. You can't compare an ipad of any type with a computer--it simply can't be done. The ipad for starters, requires an add-on keyboard.. yes, I do use the apple bluetooth keyboard with my ipads and I love it, however the ipad is still a walled garden thanks to the Apple infrastructure so until that changes, you simply can not compare an ipad to any computer. 

Sometimes when I read  (and watch/listen) to these reviews I can't help but to think how much of shill this people are for the product they are reviewing.. not an honest review by any means. Spend more than a week with the product and get yourself in to situations where you need to, lets see.. transfer something by plugging in a flash drive or SD card.. oh that's right, you can't.. how about flash? nope can't do that either.. go ahead, jailbreak your device, then you might be able to do a little more but you still can't get 12 hours of battery life out of it.. pixel fact I have reached 12 hours 20 minutes on mine and that was using wifi all the time!

The review video is 6:17 and they never even get to turning it on!

Apple iPad Pro Claims Its First Victim As It Destroys Google's Flagship