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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Important Message about your computer!

This is not something new that I am about to write about. In fact I think I find myself posting some sort of BOGUS TECH SUPPORT SCAM almost monthly.

It has come to my attention as of late, that more and more people are falling for the "Microsoft Support Scam". This is where you either get a phone call from someone stating they are from Microsoft Support or you stumble upon a website that tells you that your computer has been infected and to call a specific number.  

I am telling you now DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER! and if you are talking to someone that says they are from Microsoft, SIMPLY HANG UP ON THEM!  DO NOT continue to allow them to talk which will only attempt to convince you that this is legitimate. 

The moment you have a problem or THINK you have a problem, such as a sluggish computer or strange pop up window, or simply any time you get a message that 'updates are available' just contact me. If you are already a client of mine then I most likely have already set up remote connection support but if you don't have it installed, I can walk you through the 3 easy steps so that I can connect to your computer, diagnose and repair the problems.   The 3 easy steps are  (1: Download for Windows or Mac)  (2: Run the installer program and follow the simple instructions)   (3: Sit back and relax and watch while I do the work!)