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Sunday, November 8, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Trying to get back on track

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A letter came in from a soon-to-be knighted producer. The note was both complimentary and chilling. And it attests to the importance to you of the No Agenda Show.
Hey Protectors of the Truth.

I've listened to you guys since episode 200. I discovered you on a random night wondering what in the hell happened to the floppy haired Headbangers Ball guy aka the Daily Source Code guru aka the Podfather.

On this momentous occasion of being ordained into the protectorate of the free thinking proletariat I want to say some words.

I worked in the UK for a government organization that Ed Snowball and your listeners know well. [this is probably GCHQ or MI-6]

Let me just say, with little exception, that your analysis and viewpoint on the world power hierarchy is spot on.

I left said organization because it's run by lunatics. You're asked in interview if you'd sacrifice your family for the good of the nation. If you would, enjoy your James Bond privileges. If like me, you won't, enjoy scanning Facebook for crackpots.

Wiping out some shitizens in a plane crash for the common good isn't even debatable. It's unquestionably moral to these douchebags.

The higher up they are the more loopy and crazy they are. That's why I quit.

No Agenda is the only broadcast I've found that understands this reality. And it's why, without doubt, not only THE BEST PODCAST IN THE UNIVERSE but THE ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH IN THE UNIVERSE too.

Never stop. – [Sir] Shakermaker
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Your co-host,

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