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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Geo-Politics Goes off the Rails. Again.

No Agenda Thursday Show

France calls on the EU and Russia in a swicheroo. No NATO?


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Look into the on-and-off love affair between France and Russia beginning with Catherine the Great. This should be no surprise.
The show received many compliments for its concise breakdown and analysis of the Paris bombings. That story continues as the French have now cozied up to the Russians in Syria. This was unexpected. Or was it? Only No Agenda will tell you what is really going on.
"Did the check clear?"                      "Yes, keep them coming!"
In election news a frontal attack of Hillary Clinton may have begun with this story on CNN.A fascinating look at her relationship with the big banks which pay her over $250,000 per appearance when she shows up to make a speech. Nice “fee.”
The slams of Ben Carsen again appear as dirty tricks with his campaign releasing a graphic of the USA with the Northeastern states all jumbled as if he’s too dumb to know where the states are. Since nobody uses maps that they draw themselves, this is highly suspect and appears to be done to embarrass the candidate.Story here. Note in the story how the Washington Post does not even consider the dirty trick aspect to this.
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