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Friday, September 2, 2016

BB18 Update-Anyone but Nicole!

I know I have not posted much on this season of Big Brother 18 (US) as it simply hasn't been all that exciting. Sure there were a few dramatic scenes but generally not so much due to the fact that it became a couples home.  Between Victor returning for the second time being best buds with Paul as one couple, then there is Nicole and Corey known as Nicorey, an absolutely disgusting showmance in my opinion.  I mean lets face it, when they get out of the house Corey will be gonzo.. Nicole (in my opinion of course) has been SO ANNOYING this entire season. Between her whining whenever she has to actually do something other than hold on to Corey and her basically floating to the end. Yes sure, she won the very first HOH and just completed an HOH win which also included the VETO win for the week to cinch a win in her opinion as she got Michelle OTB and out the door.  Jame and Natalie are so cute together but unfortunately there is still a game to be played and I believe James' game has been a little distracted and as a result they were blindsided with Michelle being voted out.  I think when you put that much 'trust' in any house guest when the game is all about back stabbing to get ahead. Lets face it, with Victor being evicted twice and coming back in by winning his way, the game is his to lose at this point. Any jury member that doesn't give this one to Victor, should he be sitting as final 2, doesn't deserve to be a jury member.  Unless there is some pandora's box that can give James/Nat a diamond power of veto, I think James will be the next one gone as he is the bigger threat over Nat. That means unless Nat wins the next one, it will be the "final 4" alliance that was created this past week.  At that point, for me, I can only hope Victor and Paul do in fact make it as final 2 as there is no way Nicole and/or Corey deserve to be there AT ALL.. but as with many Big Brother seasons in the past, the winner has quite often been the floater or the 'silent player' that ends up winning the game.  One positive note would be the life-long friendship that has been created between James and Nat. I truly believe they are the new version of Jeff and Jordon for Big Brother couples and can only hope their future together is full of great adventures--(Amazing Race for sure!).