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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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The Corporate Mainstream Media Hates YOU
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No Agenda Loves You, the producer


Dear Producer,

You support your No Agenda Show because it is indeed your show. It cannot exist without you. But you must wonder, sometimes, why it needs to exist in the first place? Shouldn’t newspapers and TV newsrooms do this job? Wasn’t that the idea when freedom of the press was considered a good idea?

Yes and no. Freedom of the press doesn’t have any requirements for telling the truth or being fair and accurate. Freedom is a variable in this sense. You can be as free as you want, this includes being subservient by choice.

Today’s news major media is all owned and controlled by incredibly large multi-billion dollar companies out to make a profit and to serve a status quo master that will allow this to continue for as long as possible. Just a simple glance at the New York Times Building in Manhattan says it all.
This is a symbol of corporate subservience and a cathedral to corporatism.

The very large corporations bought up all the major news outlets once they realized that the news media could act as a conduit for their propaganda and to promote the credo of modern corporate exploitation and protect the elites from the dirty masses.

Just lie to the masses, they were taught to accept figures of authority as authoritative.

Sure there is a small outlet here and there that do wonderful reporting. But generally, any real analysis of the news has been relegated to blogs and podcasts as well as un-vetted and sketchy outlets, many just a variation of the corporate-owned media.
A lot of the good analysis comes from those who worked in the media at various times in the past and have been scorned or removed or quit. This would include the likes of Dan Rather, Sharyl Attkisson and others. These people became outsiders but it is obvious that they would rather go back into the system where they can make more money.

It took Mark Cuban’s HDNet to resurrect Dan Rather and Sheryl has been working off of book royalties and now works for Sinclair Broadcasting. The system does not act kindly to independents doing their own thing. It’s hard to say if independent news and analysis outlets can ever be a long term success competing against the Goliaths of corporate-owned media.
That’s why your support of No Agenda is so necessary. There is nothing like it. It does a deep dive into otherwise superficial mainstream coverage and with our network of “boots on the ground” producers, we also report stories never covered anywhere.

Ask yourself why the only journalist that managed to get the video of the staggering ill Hillary at the 9/11 event had no connection to any mainstream corporate operation. Where were the rest? Has anyone noticed that this was an outrageous indictment of these people and their general incompetence? That’s the real story that needs discussing.

Keep No Agenda healthy and alive by contributing whatever you can afford by clicking here. You will never regret supporting No Agenda. The show needs you.
Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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