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Sunday, September 4, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Make sure to have a fire extinguisher ready for these events
During this election season it is difficult to take time-off because things get wackier by the day. For example the G20 in Hangzhou, China, begins on Sunday and already there have been altercations and near fistfights between US and Chinese officials as the Chinese over-manage the event and manage to botch things in the process.

For example Obama had to leave Air Force One from the butt-end because nobody provided the long steps necessary to get out of a 747 from the front. Then various mix-ups occurred whereby the Obama party was prevented from actually joining Obama. This included a big incident with Susan Rice who appeared to be brought to tears. It was an insulting fiasco covered by Reuters here and the WAPO here.
This back and forth with the Chinese has been going on for years now.

Of course there is the election to discuss as it evolves into an historic classic.

I also ran into a good article for you to read posted by ex-CIA analyst turned public analyst, Ray McGovern. He shows that the mess in Ukraine actually goes back to before 2008. He finds both Chelsea Manning cables and Clinton e-mails that outline the overall scheme to get Ukraine into NATO. You should enjoy this one. Click here to read.

This sort of deeper story using the resources of WikiLeaks will never be done by the corporate mainstream media.
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