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Sunday, September 11, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producers,
It would be fun and educational to do a real poll of No Agenda producers regarding 9-11 and if they think there was any sort of monkey-business involved in the event. There has never been a credible story as to why WTC 7 suddenly collapsed looking like a controlled demolition.

That said, tomorrow’s show marks and mourns the 15th anniversary of the event.

Since our numbers for tomorrow’s show are once again sub-par I thought this would be a good time to do a poll as to what everyone thinks about 9-11. And maybe have some fun while supporting the show.
Inside are CIA Offices, some banks and a lot of COMEX gold.
This also gives us a little insight into the producers. So I took two phrases and ran them through a numerological calculator. The two phrases are “9-11 staged” and “9-11 real” this used the words "staged" and "real" as a name and 9-11-01 as a birthday.

The birthday, according to this calculator [linked above] came out as 5 and “staged” came out as 2. This, created a $52 contribution to No Agenda for 9-11.

The same calculator delivered a value of 9 for the word "real" creating a $59 donation. And yes, these amounts are not the same and bias the results. So I changed the word “real” to “true” and it changed to a result of 1 making the contribution $51 as a vote for the official story.
So vote here today.

And help the show too.

$52 if you think something is fishy about the official 9-11 story. The official explanation stinks.

$51 if you think the 9-11 story is valid and pretty much what was reported and what we saw on TV. The official story makes sense and is probably accurate.

And for those of you who do not care at this point, remember you can always support the show with any donation you can afford by clicking here. It looks like a good time to snag an Executive Producership.
There is no intention of doing anything else for this 15th anniversary as the mainstream media has plenty of well-produced tributes ready to roll. I just thought it would be a good time to do this little poll and see what comes of it. You get to hear the ensuing discussion of the results and any interesting notes you may attach.

There is plenty of other news to discuss tomorrow and, of course, the Hillary gaffe that has become a mainstream meme “A basket of deplorables” which the Trump campaigners are using to hound Clinton. More interesting to me is her patter at the black church which will also be discussed.
While the campaign does provide the show a lot of material to deconstruct you also get the best EU, UK and China analysis. Make sure to catch tomorrow’sNo Agenda #859

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Sincerely and thanks,

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Hitler cats are always funny, but the cat shown above cannot be real. Too perfect. They overdid it. Photoshop? Shoe polish?
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