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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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TV Propaganda Meme-Fests Reviewed
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No Agenda Thursday Show

Great show lined up for tomorrow


Dear Producer,

This might be the most loaded season for analysis that your No Agenda Showhas ever seen. You are the beneficiary of the best deep analysis currently being done by anyone. And a special thanks goes out to the network of boots-on-the-ground correspondents.

Remember this is your show and needs support with your contributions. We do not run ads for sketchy products and introduce corruption into our coverage. This allows the show to go much further afield than any news operation because those other shows are bound to the corporate structure. Please keep the support coming by clicking here and contributing whatever you can afford.
Tomorrow’s show promises to be another doozy with some tremendous Senate hearings and a continuing discussion about body doubles. Also, tomorrow we discuss the Miss America propaganda festival as well as the messages brought out at the Emmys, including the commentary “OUT with Obama and IN with Hillary” as well as “Topple the Patriarchy!”

No other show will discuss any of these controversies to any extreme because of corporate control. The need to sell products is paramount and making people think does not sell products, ever.
Topple the Patriarchy! Topple fashion sense. Kill all humans!
Reject the corrupt advertising-supported media and turn to the value for value No Agenda Show where you take control. You are not the product to be delivered to an advertiser. You are the producer.

Minimally take out a do-it-yourself subscription by clicking here, you then chose an amount and click on the “make this recurring” box. You will feel good.
Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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Photos -- Leftovers, Not Categorized, Collectible
Traffic in Viet Nam. Yes, there are a lot of scooters.
Reference to the Colin Powell emails.
Travel by rail in Pakistan. "Hey, you are in my seat!"
First coast to coast flight. This killed the trains right here.
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