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Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Dear Producers,
This is show 998 tomorrow. Two left before the odometer switches to 1000 and we embark on another 1000 shows. That is, if you want us to. The last shows contributions were the low point for the New Year. Contribute something, anything for show 998 by clicking here.

When you go to PayPal to contribute you do not have to be a member of PayPal. You can use it to process your credit card donation like any other credit card processor. It’s just more convenient.
What No Agenda does for you is present the news from a deconstructed perspective. In other words, the idea is to determine for you who or what is behind current events and reveal it. This can sometimes be a revelation and many times it is obvious. In all instances it makes sense of what does not make sense at first glance

The mainstream media, both newspapers and magazines, have no interest in accomplishing this chore for you and, instead, just puts you in the mood to buy stuff on behalf of the advertisers who support the endeavor by paying a lot of money to advertise.
You should note that this is the most efficient and profitable model for making a lot of money. That’s why most people, podcasts included, go that route. Unfortunately for those who ingest media this way, through advertisement-based outlets, you only get that part of stories that are not offensive or even honest.

All advertisers require a so-called “brand-safe” approach to reporting. This means their name, which is associated with the media outlet, cannot be tarnished by anything other than vanilla hugs-and-kisses fluffy information. Reporting any sort of scandal or controversy needs approval.
Even the negative Trump coverage by certain media outlets will be pulled back at some point if it begins to hurt the brand or even the stock market.

The fake report on Russian collusion by Brian Ross on ABC (which resulted in his suspension) dropped the stock market severely when announced. This cause and effect was not lost on the advertisers and its corporate governance who all rely on a healthy stock market.

When this Russian collusion investigation dies out or turns into a simple witch hunt, the media will change its reporting because they will be told to change it by what we’d call the overlords.
Brian Ross Day
Thanks to your support, No Agenda is not beholding to these same overlords.

Here are two new donations that we will introduce. And here is the logic. Without advertising, which corrupts media, we make about a tenth as much as an ad supported podcast. So we will leave it at that and celebrate in dimes rather than dollars. Donate 1000 dimes for show 1000 or 999 dimes for show 999 (this Sunday).

This is how it must be. Help us today.
Thanks for your support,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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No, not Bieber!
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