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Saturday, January 13, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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999 is here. It looks as if many of you love the 999 show more than 1000. We’ll soon find out as new Knightings are coming in. Doing 999 shows is a big deal especially when you consider the length of each show. You are getting a lot of valuable information, research and drill-downs. Help us celebrate with a symbolic 999 contribution.

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Tomorrow’s Show we are forced to comment on the Trump “Shithole” comment (an apparent show day event) which seems to have the liberal media worked up into a frenzy. It’s frightening to witness. It’s part of the Trump is a “racist” on the Trump rotation. And right on schedule comes the “Trump hates gays” with the resignation of the Ambassador to Panama, an Obama appointee who is coincidentally gay. An article in Newsweek connects the shithole comment with his resignation (even though he put in a notice he was quitting last December) as well as perceived anti-gayness of Trump as reasons.

The article is here and almost all innuendo, but a liberal feel-good salvo nonetheless.
Here is the promised pic of the homeless tent city in front of Berkeley Cily Hall on the lawn and into the woods on the left. Pic by Nick F.
We can expect to see one Obama appointee after another resign citing Trump as a reason. These people should have been replaced by now and would be replaced eventually. So why not make a scene and get some Democratic Party brownie points? Quit in a huff. Everyone sees Trump as a one term President anyway. They figure a re-appointment is around the corner.

On No Agenda we try not to dwell on news storylines such as these which are conjured up and exaggerated to keep these issues on the front page as a method to make sure Democrats get out the vote in 2018.

This continues until 2020 when the Democratic party begins to fight over running Hillary a third time. This will be nothing but fun for No Agenda supporters.

Help us celebrate 999 shows tomorrow.

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