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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

Special 100th Episode Newsletter

The big news tomorrow is not about Trump or the EU it’s about the 1000thepisode of the No Agenda Show. A milestone by any metric. No Agenda remains unique in the podcasting universe as a news analysis show that deconstructs mainstream media and proves that the MSM is beyond biased, but politically motivated and unhealthyto ingest.
With No Agenda, you also learn that mainstream media is a billion-dollar business that is created and operated as a conduit to sell products, not to inform you. The advertisers and corporations call the shots. Everything else is window dressing. You may as well get your news from a Macy’s clerk.

No Agenda has spent 1000 shows bypassing the mercantile-corporate mechanism in exchange for direct support from the audience of producers. Thus, the show is not fettered and restrained by commercial considerations and self-censorship. There is no worry that real news analysis and actual deep research may displease some big advertiser because there is no advertiser to worry about.

This approach has resulted in an award-winning podcast unlike anything else out there.
Special Show 1000 Offers
Tomorrow there are double lucky numbers. It has been brought to our attention by many producers that 1000 in binary is the Chinese lucky number 8. Furthermore, adding a penny during the special donation totaling $1000.01 makes it a palindrome with the kicker that100001 in binary is 33 – the magic number!

You cannot go wrong. Click herefor the celebratory $1000 contribution or click here for the magic number palindrome donation of 1000.01.

And we invite those of you on a budget to contribute 1000 dimes ($100)  by clicking here. Quarters ($250). Or 1000 nickels, $50, which will get your name called out.

You can always contribute whatever you want by clicking here too.
We invite you, the producers and listeners to wrap up this 1000th episode with a healthy contribution to help us celebrate.

Your hosts,

John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS. You can still celebrate by sending us a check. No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530.
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