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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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There is a lot of material to deconstruct tomorrow including the Trump State of the Union speech which even pundit Chris Matthews mentioned was creatively constructed. He missed the reason it was creatively constructed.

The Trump speech was designed to punch up harsh points and objectives at the end of phrases to elicit a standing ovation from the Republicans knowing that in most cases the Democrats would stay seated, arms crossed. The Democrats would stand or clap only if it was a Democrat initiative he was discussing. But they were few.

Someone saw this trend at these speeches and exploited it.

So if the President said “Black unemployment was at an all time low” the Democrats would stay seated as if to say this was bad.They’d stay seated when he’d suggest the eradication of MS-13 as if the Democrats were all for MS-13. It was genius.
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This went on all night and the Republican speech writers had to be laughing up their sleeves as Trump would use every patriotic bromide to make the Dems look unpatriotic because they would refuse to clap and stand for anything. They were played by the protocols.
Trump and the Stripper

Then you’ll hear our take on the Stormy Daniels sex with Trump story that was outlined in this 2011 interview.

The woman is now denying it ever happened and was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show saying so. She’s coming up on the View next.

What is going on? No Agenda discusses.
There is plenty of other material including this incredible screed against Bill Nye by “500 Women Scientists” which appears to actually be 4 very pissed off LGBTQIA women irked by the election of Trump and taking out their complaints on anyone they can. I’m not sure what Nye did to irk them, but he did something. Funny stuff.
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