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Sunday, January 7, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Tomorrow, along with the typical weekly news deconstruction, the show looks at the “Gorilla channel” hoax that got all the anti-Trump folks in a tizzy because Trump is “unhinged” which is in the Trump rotation. The post was supposedly a scan of one of the pages in the new Michael Wolff book on Trump and the lead up to his election and a few months into his Presidency.
All people heard about from the book were horrible douchebag stories. Thus the Gorilla TV channel story, as absurd as it was, seemed believable to the gullible who all ran with it. Unfortunately, most of the posts were deleted before they could be captured, but plenty of people took the bait.

The fake posting:
The reposts went viral and into all social media. One excuse that has cropped up was the notion that it somehow credible. In fact, it’s ridiculously far-fetched and any simple analysis reveals too many screwball assertions. Why would Trump out-of-the-blue “think” there as a 24/7 Gorilla channel in the first place? How would anyone get away with putting up a TV transmission tower on the south lawn? Why not just push the bogus channel onto a cable lash-up going into the TV? I could go on.
In fact, while well-written, it genuinely produced a bullcrap alert from beginning to end. But far too many people bit and somehow believed it. And they did not believe it because it was credible – like a good hoax should be – but because they wanted to believe it. This is a key to those dwelling in what we like to call Dimension B. They want to believe the worst. They are obsessed.
This is making these people ill, sickly. Insane. It stems from a very deep-seated hate that is not healthy. They are even worrying about North Korea.

If there is an investment opportunity to come out of all this, it’s Bristol-Myers and it’s Pepto Bismol product. These folks have to be drinking this stuff like water.
No Agenda does help prevent this illness by showing you how the media works. And it is the media that is promoting the illogic and nuttiness, the media is the culprit. On the last show you heard an exemplification of today’s problem. We played a 1984 clip showing how the off-handed Reagan remark about nuking Russia was handled by NBC.

NBC didn’t go on and on about how “unhinged” Reagan was, but gave a report that attacked the Russian reaction. It took the side of the President. It calmed people down, it did not try to get them worked up.
We often played the quote from Brian Williams where he says the job of the network news is to “scare people to death.” Really? I thought the job was to report the news fairly, so people could be informed.

Stick with No Agenda, no scare tactics. And this is only because we are solely supported by you! We are not paid by drug companies to make you ill. Your continued support is so important. Click here and help.
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