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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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Young Joe Biden
Tomorrow there is a lot of international news that needs focus as the domestic news seems suddenly preoccupied with the saga of Jeffrey Epstein with the media hoping for some credible evidence that Trump is a pedophile.

This is not forthcoming, but a girl can hope. The Democrats need to even the score so that the Republicans cannotmake hay with Creepy Uncle Joe pictures of Joe Biden pawing little girls left and right. Or, worse, kissing them on the mouth!
Meanwhile, it seems that a new podcast is now available called “Conspiracyland” produced by Yahoo News.

It seemed promising until you discover that is was done by David Corn cohort and fellow Trump basher Michael Isikoff and undoubtedly part of a scheme to promote their recent book Russian Roulette, where they push Russian collusion. In this podcast he sets out to prove that the whole Seth Rich affair was part of a Russian plot based on some secret memo nobody seems to have. Cripes.
Why dredge up the Seth Rich yet again? It will remain a cold case for years to come. Meanwhile, this guy gets work while real investigative reporters like Seymour Hersh are sidelined.

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