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Saturday, July 27, 2019

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Sad Dog Days

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sad puppy
I have returned,
this time with my two sad friends below. Please support No Agenda.
This is how everyone feels without your support.
sad kitten
sad panda
Next week we’ll be covering the second round of the debates which will be on CNN. This should be highly entertaining because during the first round it was shown that the candidates needed to “go after” someone to get any attention from the pundits analyzing the results.

This, of course, encourages Trumpish behavior, but nobody will admit it. Also expect Biden to be juiced up and on the offensive if he wants to maintain his lead. Biden will be fun to watch and this is his big test.
joe biden
Tomorrow. Your show will be discussing the situation in the UK with new Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The public, especially members of Labor are demanding a new General Election and Johnson does not need the aggravation until after Brexit on October 31, if it even happens.
gif of Boris Johnson
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John C. Dvorak
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