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Saturday, July 20, 2019

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50 Years to the Moon and Back!

Send them back!
Dear Producer,
Today and this weekend marks the 50th anniversary of men landing on the moon and returning to earth. It also marks the day that people began thinking the whole moment in history was staged. Much of this is due to supposition and enigmatical evidence. This all has to do with the dismissal of the Saturn V rocket and the inability of anyone in any country to ever go there again.

Still, it is 50 years on and we’re using it as today’s reason to donate a solid $50 to your No Agenda Show. This will be our one and only moonshot donation and hopefully everyone will participate. Click here for that.

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Apparently we cannot afford to build a Saturn V anymore.
The news cycle is speeding up as we witness some rumblings of Hillary joining in the Presidential campaign as all the current participants develop useful and workable “material” or ammunition for Clinton herself to use. One producer observed that, for the 1992 run, her husband Bill waited until October to jump in to the scene to unseat a one-term President George HW Bush just as he reneged on his promise of “No new taxes” with the catchphrase “read my lips.”

So you will keep seeing Hillary on the contenders rundown until this November.
Hillary hat
Meanwhile the Democrats and even the Canadian Liberals are upset by those recently chanting “send her back” (referring to Omar) at a Trump rally. You’d think this silliness would normally just end, but maybe not with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau telling the USA that this was unacceptable? What does he have to do with it?

Butt out, dude.
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John C. Dvorak
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Whitey unwelcome yet Biden and Sanders are leading candidates?
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