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Saturday, July 13, 2019

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It's Bastille Day
Dear Producer,
Tomorrow’s show falls on the day of days. It’s Bastille Day, International Mac and Cheese Day, International Nude Day, and show 1155 is “33” madness as the show number can be calculated as 33X33+33+33. Wow, a lot of lucky numerological donation opportunities starting with the simple, obvious, and affordable $33. Click here for that.

There are interesting primes and other possibilities that can be derived from 1155. Come up with one and tell us what it is. Here is the do-it-yourself donation button.

And there is always the $714.19 Bastille Day 2019 donation. Maybe a French listener will chip in.
Yesterday you may have gotten an email promoting my re-write of the Democrat candidate race which is not thinning out as fast as it should. The essay is here. It will be updated as needed.
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Man in the middle conundrum.
Since the last show the Democrats have managed to get Alex Acosta to resign his post as Secretary of the Dept. of Labor. In a normal Trump fashion he should be replaced by someone more antagonistic to the Democrats. While at the Department, Acosta pushed the notion of more apprenticeships in the USA and the Labor Department made $183 million available for that purpose.
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This would hopefully start to resolve the problem facing the country where supposedly there are too many jobs with no takers creating the excuse to load up with H1B workers from outside the country.

According to the Department, “With 7.3 million job openings in May, job openings in America have exceeded the number of job seekers for 15 straight months.” This is summarized here.

Acosta may have been targeted to put a stop to things like this on behalf of globalism, it’s hard to tell. It will all shake out over the next year and we will know more.
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