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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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No Agenda Newsletter

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Dear Producer,
Today begins the sketchy impeachment hearings which are decidedly different than an official impeachment proceeding or an impeachment resolution or impeachment itself. The No Agenda thesis is that this is part of a continuation to turn the voting public against the President. But this day will live in infamy insofar as No Agenda is concerned and you are offered a variant on 11-13-19 with a new donation button that offers options. This is an experiment. Click here.

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Tomorrow’s show.
As you witness the Schiff impeachment hearings remember that Adam Schiff is a vegan and wannabee screenwriter. Perhaps Rob Reiner could produce one of his stories.

Your No Agenda Show will cover as much world news as possible because, to be honest, the impeachment hearings are going to produce the same sorts of clips we constantly get from this group of Trump haters on one side and Trump defenders on the other. It’s going to be very tedious to find actual clips that are revealing or even interesting.
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So far (as this is written) Schiff has already denied that he knows the “identity” of the whistleblower, which seems unlikely unless his definition of “identity” is skewed. Also, one of the witnesses has already used the term “Squid pro quo.” So, there is humor to be had. But this will be another waste of time and money. It may well harden positions on both sides inviting a fun 2020 election.
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Mark Zaid is the attorney representing the whistleblower
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Someone did a fine job here on the Greta monstrosity.
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