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Saturday, November 9, 2019

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Veterans Day Doldrums

Giant Head in San Francisco
Dear Producer,
This is the Veterans Day weekend which always results in low donations. So you are encouraged to support the show with a Veterans Day contribution of 11-11-19 in dimes or 111.11. Click here.

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Image of Hoax sign
This appears to be a hoax, but may be a look into the future the way things are going . In fact, this school in Fayetteville, AR still celebrates Veterans Day like schools everywhere.
Veterans Day on 11-11 is actually the modern version of Armistice Day, or the ending of WWI on 11-11-1918. This morphed into a generic Veterans Day and with the way the public is easily manipulated you can expect further changes largely motivated by gun control activists as witnessed recently by a controversy in Port Angeles, Washington linked here.

Whatever the case this is a slow three-day weekend. Adam will be back from Holland with a final report.
Painting of Greta
In San Francisco. I am personally looking forward to someone painting a Groucho moustache on this just to listen to the howls of complaint.
In the City by the Bay, meanwhile we now have to put up with the nightmarish and massive head of Greta Thunberg/Doomberg. There are many good ideas for honoring various heroes or important people. The head of Lincoln would be cool. Actually pretty much anything would be better than this eyesore. Think of the frightened children.
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John C. Dvorak
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