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Saturday, November 30, 2019

No Agenda-The Saturday Post

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No Agenda Saturday Post

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Random Act of Stabbing in London

Jay Curry R.I.P.
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Unfortunately, the week ends on a sad note as Adam’s father Jay Curry passed away at 80 and Adam and his sisters will be on the road for the funeral. Jay, was best known as a promoter of a marketing style called Dialog Marketing or DM. It’s an element of CRM employed by firms of all sizes where the most valued customers are identified and catered to in very specific ways. The idea of a company having a perpetual “conversation” with the customers is an element of this mechanism. The No Agenda meetups are an offshoot of this thinking
Jay Curry with audience
Jay Curry (lower right) regaling the crowd with marketing wisdom.
Personally, I think it really all stems from the 19th century notion that the customer is always right and just taken to new heights. Anyway, Jay Curry is famous for being in this niche. May he rest in peace. He will be missed.

And again you should note that Adam has arranged to continue to co-host the best podcast in the universe while on the road to and from the funeral and wake. Please think of the Curry family this week. Condolences are welcome. Post them on and Twitter.
burning candles
Meanwhileas Thanksgiving ended all hell is breaking loose around the world, highlighted by the classic maniacs with knives stabbing folks in London, Holland and elsewhere. You can be assured that gun control advocates hate these events more than anyone since the events do not leverage the gun control arguments.

Then there is the funny story about Trump literally sneaking out of the country to visit Afghanistan for Thanksgiving with a slew of reporters on Air Force One who only found out they were landing in Afghanistan just before arrival“Honey, you won’t believe what happened. I’m going to miss Thanksgiving dinner.”

It's 13 hours each way. Not sure if they brought a change of clothes or not.
Trump serving food
"Who here voted Republican?"
Quid pro turkey
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22 Years Later
Producer Ken writes: "I was cleaning out some shelves today and came across the May/June 1997 issue of Photo Techniques magazine. This caught my eye."
1997 article about film
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