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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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The War on  Thanksgiving

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Let’s all hope for a good day for donations on tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day extravaganza. Expect John to relate his traditional True Story of Thanksgiving with all the “fixins.” Perhaps he will even delve into the word of the day “fixins.”

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Tomorrow’s show. It’s gotten to the point where you read a rundown of news stories then see something very odd about Trump and notice that it is CNN and you just skip it completely. This happens a lot to a lot of people. And this will lead to a short discussion tomorrow about killing Thanksgiving and changing it to Friendsgiving.
Girl rides Turkey
Another girl rides turkey
Patriotic image
As shown in the images above,Thanksgiving used to be a patriotic holiday. The change toward an association with Christmas (Black Friday) and football and now Friendsgiving has been slow but steady. Today nobody sees the holiday as traditionally patriotic.
This Friendsgiving idea may stem from family avoidance. There are entire groups of American voters who literally think that Putin is running the country and they do not want to take grief from gramps who voted for Trump.

It’s part of the non-confrontational lifestyle of today’s youth. So let’s skip Thanksgiving. When you dig deep enough concerning all this you will find PETA and the animal rights activists besmirching the eating of Turkey and promoting the soulless meatless Thanksgiving Dinner.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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