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Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Impeachment Doldrums

Worldwide Rioting?
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Saugus High Scool
Very strange timeline to this odd shooting event at Saugus High.
News always breaks out the day of the show. Last Thursday was no exception with a shooting in Saugus, California. Some poor kid, for no apparent reason shot five classmates and then shot himself in the head.

The was called in at 7:30 AM and it was pretty much over before it began, but then began an odd manhunt and a lot of misinformation by the news media that could not get the story straight or decided to dramatize the event.
kids marched into busses
Even though the shooter shot himself in the head at the outset and was taken to the hospital where he died, the students were "rounded up" by the police "just in case."
This event became a competitor to the impeachment hearing which is producing the same two dimensions that appear all the time. Either this was “Trumps worst day ever and he’s toast” or “they have nothing, and these hearings are disaster for the Democrats.”
picture of Ted lieu and tweet
CNN Tweet
tomi lahren tweet
It's a little less flippant over at the Roger Stone camp where Stone was found guilty of 7 various charges against him. They went after him with a vengeance and got him.

Meanwhile, half the world is rioting over its governance. It’s a very nutty moment in history.
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Six Week Cycle Interrupted
photo of newspapeer article about frame up by FBI
When will this scam stop? The worst part is switching from creating fake Musilm terrorists to making fake right-wing terrorists. This is a subtle way to target the American voter to make them reject Republican political candidates by association with the right-wing. This is election meddling of the highest order.
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