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Thursday, January 6, 2022

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Show 1414

Is the Mask Today's Nazi Armband?

Dear Producer,
Tomorrow’s Show falls on Jan. 6th, 2022, the one-year anniversary of the capitol insurrection and coup d’├ętat attempt by unarmed revolutionaries who entered the capitol without weapons, stayed within the velvet ropes, did not deface any art or collectibles, and were led by a half naked painted shaman wearing horns on his head. According to the leadership of Congress, nothing so horrible has ever happened in the history of the country.

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1918 Pandemic. At least this time around the Health Dept. is not armed.
Tomorrow’s Show
The news cycle is beginning to ramp up again during the Omicron surge, with Omicron at the top of the news as the entire US news industry does the bidding of big pharma for one last push for booster shots which do nothing. And now the TV shows are going back to working from the home “studio” utilizing a cheap web cam and a Radio Shack microphone placed in a bucket nearby. That should do wonders for ratings.
Cloth Mask Freakout!
Without explanation the public is now told that cloth masks, it seems, are of no use against the Omicron variant. Get rid of them and get N95 if you can or at least disposable surgical masks. So will someone explain exactly why Omicron can effortlessly penetrate a cloth mask while the other Covid variants Alpha and Delta could not? Is Omicron somehow smaller? It’s the same basic virus. How did it shrink? Let’s face it, this is nonsense pushed by the media to keep people scared.
Amazing Tweets
Here is a recent collection of tweets and messages which make you wonder exactly how nuts most of the public has become.
The recent mess on I-95 in Virginia has brought to the fore incredible political bigots.
And, of course we have the lunacy brought on the by hypnotized public.
Yes, this was a serious tweet. Classic on Twitter.
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