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Thursday, January 13, 2022

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Tomorrow’s Show
The never-ending saga between Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci continues this week with, perhaps, Fauci getting the upper hand. It’s obvious he already lied to Congress and Rand Paul does not have the influence to have Fauci arrested or charged, so now their showdowns have become comical at best, or tedious at worst.
Fauci and Rand Paul
Get a room, you two!
Spotting Propaganda!
Your No Agenda Show deconstructs the news in ways the mainstream cannot do. Instead they have become a propaganda tool for the advertising and corporate interests of their supporters which is no longer the public. A good example of this is the way the journalists have begun to substitute loaded language in their presentations. Here are five examples of the most egregious usages you commonly see. Using these terms and phrases makes it obvious you are not a journalist, but a propagandist
  1. “Push back.” This term is used as a substitute for the word “disagreed.” But instead of disagreeing with someone you “push back.” This implies an unreasonableness if not child-like behavior. Donald Trump never disagreed with something, he always “pushed back.”
  2. “Claims.” This is used as a substitute for “theories” or even “beliefs.” Instead of honesty believing something or having a well-thought out opinion, they have “claims.” It is used to  belittle the person.
  3. “Claimed.” Similar to the above use, but this is simply used as a substitute for “says” and “said.” Instead of a person simply “saying” something, they claim it. Instead of “Jim said he got a headache from the vaccine,” you get “Jim claims he got a headache from the vaccine.” This usage indicates an untruth, where there is no proof of an untruth. It’s loaded language.
  4. “Lashed out.” Anytime you hear this phrase you are dealing with a propagandist. It’s used to replace the word “criticized.” Again, this was commonly used against Trump. Trump never “criticized” anything. He always “lashed out.”
  5. “Stoked.” This is used as a substitute for “created.” This terms makes you imagine someone is aggressively poking at something, stoking it like a fire with a poker. Almost exclusively used with the word “controversy.” A good guy creates controversy. A bad guy stokes controversy. Again, anyone using this term in a news story is not a journalist, but a propagandist.
Can you think of any other obvious propagandistic usages? Send in a note.
Josef Goebbels
Goebbels addressing the M5M.
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