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Sunday, January 9, 2022

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Omicron, the Equalizer?

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Tomorrow’s Show
A number of trends are emerging in the Covid crises world. Some are quite amusing. The sickest of these trends is the gloating over the death of supposed anti-vaxxers. This appears to be a systemic backlash against the numerous reports of fully vaxxed (and boosted) professional athletes dropping dead from heart attacks in full public view on the field of play.

It's surprising that a running scorecard has not been established.
Dead Athletes 400, Dead anti-Vaxxers 377
Collapsed athlete
We are now told tha these athletes drop dead like this all the time.
dead anti-vaxxer
Reading deep into the article it seems she had bacterial pneumonia. The article cites various other "right wing" anti-vaxxers who died. Numerous weirdos on Twitter have expressed joy over these deaths.
Coming to Grips with Vax Failure!
As Omicron takes over the headlines trends are developing. One is the growing admission that everyone can get Omicron whether vaccinated or not. This seems to be in parallel with the admissions that the vaccines do not work. The last hope for the vaccine is the unprovable thesis that if you are vaxxed and get Omicron the symptoms would be less severe.

The most ludicrous scene is a sick vaccinated person telling people to get vaccinated because this could have been so much worse without the vaccine. There is no way to prove this and the opposite might just be true. The studies of severity of vaccinated vs unvaxxed are scant and you have to wonder why since this claim is routinely made with no scientific evidence. Does anyone care about the science??
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