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Saturday, January 8, 2022

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2KArs Technica / 33min
Enlarge / Astronomers mapped out the stars (shown here in blue) and gas (green) of the strange galaxy known as AGC 114905. (credit: Javier Román and Pavel Mancera Piña) Three years ago, Filippo Fraternali and his colleagues spotted a half dozen mysteriously diffuse galaxies, which looked like sprawling cities of stars and gas. But unlike almost every other galaxy ever seen—including our own Milky

Yesterday I wrote about how it was rumored that Virgin Atlantic would launch a new route between London and Austin. There’s an update — this route has now been confirmed. Virgin Atlantic launching new US route In early December 2021, Virgin Atlantic’s Chief Commercial Officer revealed that the airline was finalizing plans to launch a new route to the United States. The intent was for the route to

Nintendo Mario Kart 9•
According to an industry analyst, Mario Kart 9 is currently in development and could be teased as soon as this year. Speaking to about his predictions for what will happen over the next year in gaming, Tokyo-based industry analyst Dr. Serkan Toto says that while he’s aware that Mario Kart 8 is still a best-seller on Nintendo Switch , “Mario Kart 9 is in active development”. Even

Mashable / now
With flashy new game consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X (still) aggravatingly hard to come by, the dream of gaming without dedicated hardware has never been more appealing. At CES 2022, the tech industry’s largest annual showcase, big tech companies showed that they agree. There’s just one problem: Game streaming has yet to fully pan out. Microsoft, Amazon, PlayStation, and Google have all t

Ars Technica / 33min
Enlarge / LG DualUp Monitor (28MQ780). (credit: LG) Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show previews a massive amount of products planned for release during the year. 2022's show revealed the latest in PC monitors targeting better image quality, faster refresh rates, and features that help facilitate increasingly virtual workplaces. There was a lot to see, so we've broken down seven of the most

Headphones have come a long way over the years and it’s now possible to buy a pair to match and compliment any music style in a dizzying array of designs. Alongside more regular models, bone conduction headphones are a neat variation on the theme and will be of particular interest if you’re a fan of fitness in the great outdoors. In some scenarios they’re also beneficial for certain types of hear

Google, Intel, Nvidia, AMD. These and other companies made it a mission to mention Apple in some way at this year’s CES . While Apple wasn’t actually at the event in Las Vegas, it still felt like everyone was talking about the company. If you watched Intel and Nvidia’s live streams, you would have heard about products that were faster than Apple’s M1 Max chips for example (although further resear

Wired / 43min
For years, automakers focused on using autonomous technology for “robotaxis,” akin to a shared Uber. A GM announcement this week shows that’s changing.

Wired / 43min
To compete in the punishing desert race, the auto company has turned to discarded hybrid tech. It could change how electric cars are made.

Wired / 43min
The potential of truly wire-free power is exciting, but tangible products remain elusive.

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information. We talk a lot about elite status here at The Points Guy, such as identifying which airline is best for low-tier status to valuing hotel elite status for a variety of chains. However, we haven’t devoted much time to car rental elite status. There are plenty of options, and you may be a little confused as to which prog

Nvidia revealed a pair of new desktop graphics cards at CES 2022 – the RTX 3090 Ti and the RTX 3050 , covering both the high and low-end of the Ampere spectrum – but another RTX 3000 series GPU is imminent, according to the grapevine. Sources who Wccftech has spoken to claim that a third new desktop GPU is set to arrive imminently in the form of a new spin on the existing RTX 3080 which ups the v

Paypal Launch Stablecoin•
Engadget / 1h
PayPal has been expanding its cryptocurrency business since it opened trading to all users in 2020. It allowed US customers to check out with cryptocurrency and increased its crypto buy limit over the past year. In the future, it might also offer a stablecoin of its own. Jose Fernandez da Ponte, SVP of crypto and digital currencies at PayPal, has confirmed to Bloomberg that the online payment pro

Here’s some good news for Four Seasons fans, and bad news for Marriott fans. Details of the upcoming Four Seasons Venice It’s being reported in Italian media that Four Seasons will be picking up a property in Venice: The 204-room Hotel Danieli , currently a Marriott Luxury Collection property, will become a Four Seasons It’s expected that the hotel will undergo a 30 million EUR renovation before

Apple Foldable iPhone•
It's been relatively quiet on the iPhone Flip or iPhone Fold rumor front recently, with foldables like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 grabbing our attention instead. However, it sounds like several foldable iPhone prototypes are still in development at Apple. That's according to reliable tipster @dylandkt on Twitter, who says that Apple is "definitely working and testing on multiple prototypes that

Mashable / 2h
A toaster is a staple kitchen appliance. For $20, you can buy a simple device to toast bread, English muffins, or bagels. Whether you prefer your breakfast lightly toasted or nearly burnt, toasting bread to the perfect degree often takes some trial and error. Sometimes that means finding out your toast is starting to burn on the edges and it’s time to press cancel before your meal is ruined compl

Mashable / 2h
TL;DR: An entry to MrBeast + MSCHF's Everyone Gets A Car sweepstakes is just $35 as of Jan. 8. You can get three entries for $99 (that's 5% off) or a five-pack for $158 (9% off) until Jan. 10, when the contest ends. MrBeast likes to add shock value to just about everything he does, so it makes sense that he set out to gift everyone a Lambo for just $35. No matter what, you're going to go home wit

Mashable / 2h
TL;DR: The NAIPO 3-in-1 Stationary Folding Exercise Bike is just $322.99 at the Mashable Shop as of Jan. 8. If you're saying, "New Year, new me" this year and are intent on getting into the best shape of your life, good for you! We all need motivation and sometimes the calendar turning is the best bet. However, you may still be hesitant to return to public gyms. If that's the case, working out fr

Mashable / 2h
TL;DR: The 2022 Art of Drawing Bundle is just $29.99 at the Mashable Shop as of Jan. 8. We all have a creative side, whether we tap into it often or not. Maybe you doodle through meetings or get lost in daydreams about characters you can see, but can't quite bring to the page. Whatever your inspiration, learning to draw is an enriching experience for any aspiring artist. With The 2022 Art of Draw

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TL;DR: As of Jan. 8, you can get The 2022 Complete Power Coder Bootcamp Bundle — worth $1,600 — for just $34.99 (that's a savings of over 97%). The job market is scorching hot at the moment. The power has shifted from employers to potential hires, with them having the upper hand in almost all stages of the employment process. It's happening across all industries, especially tech. Experts say that

Mashable / 2h
TL;DR: As of Jan. 8, you can slash 50% off the Bella2Bello K3 White Intelligent Neck Massager and get it for $99.99 instead of $199. If one of your goals is to prioritize self-care this year, you should know you can take it way beyond just running a bubble bath a few times a week. There are so many gadgets that make it easy to get in some TLC whenever you have the time — and this intelligent neck

E3 2022 ESA This Year•
Comic book fans have Comic-Con, motorbike enthusiasts have Sturgis, film fanatics have Cannes and motorheads have Goodwood. Whatever your hobby or interest, there’s probably one mammoth event to celebrate it that’s on your bucket list. For gamers, that event is usually E3 - or, at least, it was. While E3 is technically a trade show, over the years the event has grown to become a celebration of ga

Tesla 2021 Musk Chip•
The yawning disparity between the performance of the electric car company and established automakers last year reflects the technological change roiling the industry.

Eyeware AMD New Privacy•
AMD will be releasing a new privacy app later this year to help keep prying eyes away from your computer screen through a new collaboration with the head and eye tracking technology company Eyeware Tech SA. As part of their collaboration, Eyeware will provide the chip maker with use of its patent-pending computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology for its new AMD Privacy View

Mashable / 4h
If I had to label myself, I wouldn't say that I'm a coffee snob by any means. I don't need a cup of the finest Ethiopian blend to satisfy my needs. But, I do drink coffee every single day, and while my personal standard isn't near the pretentious side of things (at least I don't think it is), the standard still exists. Unfortunately, the coffee that Keurig's new brewer produces doesn't meet that

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE•
The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has a problem – its price. Despite this budget alternative to the Galaxy S21 launching for a lower price than its 11-month-old sibling did, due to the devaluation of tech over time, the older and more powerful handset is now the cheaper one. Galaxy prices S21 FE start price: $699 / £699 / AU$999 S21 start price: $799 / £769 / AU$1,249 S20 FE start price: $699 / £699 / AU

Love it or loathe it, Facebook (sorry, Meta to use the brand’s new moniker) just won’t quit making smart displays . The Facebook Portal range of video-calling devices is making an assault on a difficult market due to the popularity of Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Nest line of smart speakers with built-in screens, while at the same time carrying Facebook’s difficult history when it comes to pri

Mashable / 7h
SAVE UP TO 60%: Lovehoney has launched a massive January sale, with impressive deals on a wide range of products from a number of categories. Sex toys and lingerie sets are discounted until Jan. 17 — saving you up to 60% on list price. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whilst there is nothing wrong with flowers and chocolates, these gifts can sometimes feel a little cliché. Sex toys

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SAVE 84%: CyberGhost VPN provides powerful protection for your online world whilst accessing more content from around the world. A three-year subscription to CyberGhost VPN is on sale for £1.59 per month with an extra three months for free — save 84% for a limited time. The new year is a chance for new beginnings. You might be thinking about switching things up in the kitchen , or visiting the gy

Mashable / 7h
TL;DR: The 2022 All-in-One Learn to Code Certification Bundle is on sale for £14.80, saving you 99% on list price. Whether you want to brush up on your skills in Java and Python or want to become certified so you can get a promotion, this all-in-one bundle is a coder's dream. It offers you an easy way to hone your skills and level up your expertise without having to shell out hundreds of pounds t

Mashable / 7h
TL;DR: The A to Z Cyber Security and IT Certification Training Bundle is on sale for £14.80, saving you 99% on list price. If you’ve ever considered a career in cybersecurity, now’s the time to start your venture. Not only is the cybersecurity field expanding at a rapid rate, but this A to Z Cybersecurity and IT Certification Training Bundle is also on sale for under £15. You can score all 12 cou

Mashable / 7h
A virtual private network, or VPN , usually has a lot on its plate. A VPN needs to be accessible for a relatively large audience with a service that actually works. If a VPN does not deliver privacy or security, it fails. For some users, that failure can lead to some real-world consequences. PureVPN delivers a smartly designed package that mostly succeeds in delivering security and privacy. Some

TechCrunch / 10h
TechCrunch Experts is off to a great start in 2022! Growth marketing (TechCrunch+) After talking to marketing leaders for a year, here’s my advice for CEOs: Rebecca Lynn, co-founder and general partner of Canvas Ventures, wrote about the latest challenges facing growth marketing teams and shared some of the the advice she’s given and received from CEOs and marketing leads. Her post includes comme

At a time when business are using web accessibility software to make their websites accessible to all, Microsoft has released a new add-on that does the same thing for its office software . As over 1bn people are currently living with a disability, the software giant's Office Engineering team has created a new accessibility add-on for Microsoft Office called Accessibility Reminder. According to a

Hackers Malware USB•
53Gizmodo / 11h
Word to the wise: If a stranger ever offers you a random USB stick as a gift, best not to take it. Read more...

Ford Scooter Spin 25%•
Gizmodo / 11h
Ford’s e-scooter company Spin has decided to restructure and leave some U.S. cities and European countries where there are apparently just too many scooters, which makes it difficult to make a profit. The move means the company will part ways with a significant number of its employees. Read more...

Formlabs Form 3B+ 3D CES•
SlashGear / 11h
Formlabs Formlabs is back with updated versions of its popular Form 3 and Form 3B SLA 3D printers. The new Form 3+ and Form 3B+ promise key enhancements — of particular note, faster printing speeds — made possible by a combination of updated hardware and software. As well, Formlabs has also taken the wraps off its new ESD Resin, a new … Continue reading

Alan Tudyk is back as an alien who crash-lands on Earth in the second season of SYFY's Resident Alien . An alien (Alan Tudyk) disguised as a small-town doctor must figure out how to rescue his new human friends from an invading army of his fellow aliens in the trailer for the second season of Resident Alien , SYFY's critically acclaimed dramedy based on the Dark Horse comics created by Peter Hoga

For this first column of 2022, we are revisiting two of the most question-provoking conversations I’ve covered since starting this column last year — France’s digital health pass and, you guessed it, expedited security programs , which TPG readers seriously cannot get enough of. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . Here are this week’s top fiv

Tesla Full Self-Driving•
Engadget / 12h
Tesla's "full self-driving" (FSD) feature has had something of a rocky history, to put things generously. It's been implicated in multiple crashes , seemingly persistent software bugs and a cavalcade of scrutiny from a panoply of regulatory bodies . Also, it's about to cost more money. Tesla FSD price rising to $12k on Jan 17 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 7, 2022 The bump represents an addition

Turning Red Disney•
Engadget / 12h
Turning Red , Pixar’s latest feature film, will premiere exclusively on Disney+, the studio announced on Friday . It follows Soul and Luca as the third Pixar movie to skip a theatrical release. Disney had planned to debut Turning Red in theaters, but likely due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases across the US and much of the world, that won’t happen. What hasn’t changed is the release date: th

Gizmodo / 12h
Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the latest toy news. We’re kicking off 2022 with a veritable eyeful of new toys to gawk over. Simpsons eyes! Playmobil eyes! Heavily eyeshadowed eyes! Mr. Potato Head eyes! Check it out! With your eyes!! R