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Thursday, December 19, 2013

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As you know, No Agenda has been predicting these nationwide horrible incidents every six weeks. You have to wonder what the authorities who rescued the Cobalt-60 in Mexico are thinking. They are involved in a deadly shootout, according to No Agenda sources, and there is zero media coverage. Meanwhile, a random kid shoots himself in Colorado, while some dummy is suckered by the FBI to drive on to an airport tarmac and the media is all over it. WTF?

It’s now apparent that all the news the public is going to get, worldwide, is justorchestrated and controlled news.

This means news with a purpose. News with an agenda. You can make the argument that from a government perspective this is all the news you really need. News designed to control your thinking.
You do not need to know about real problems. If you were actually aware, then you mightvote corrupt politicians out of office. Oh no!

The eventual problem with media control like this is not good.  You end up with a populous (unlike No Agenda listeners) burnt-out and whacked-out from bad information. The information does not set well within the heart and soul. These people know something is wrong. Something is amiss. But they do not know what or why. They too often end up becoming an unsalvageable mess, lost. You see them everywhere, baffled by it all. Doing what they are told. Thinking the way they are told to think. It's a frightening sight.

No Agenda clears the air, asks the right questions without selling you stuff. No seeds, water purification systems, gold coins. There is no conflict of interest, ever. This is the key. This approach is important.

You pay for the show. You produce the show. You provide real boots on the ground reporting to the show. The show is for you. Please become an executive producer before the end of the year.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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PPS The Thursday show will have a great take on the NSA "Special" on 60 Minutes. Hilarious.