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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No Agenda Newsletter

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You should be proud of your recent end-of-the year support of the No Agenda Show. The show continues to be produced through the holidays. No re-runs when important analysis needs to be done. Please continue this support for the next two weeks so 2014 can begin in good health.
 If you have never contributed, now is the time.

You are encouraged to donate to the show on behalf of a loved oneA great Christmas gift. And today is Christmas already in Australia!

The next show will cover some of the ongoing Christmas themes and revisit some topics. How about the headline of the week? RSA responded saying that it had no idea the NSA algorithm was flawed. Really? This stuff writes itself.

And do you really care what the Pussy Riot band members have to say about anything? The mainstream media sure seems interested. Apparently, Miley Cyrus is not available for quotes.


This is the time of year where the media goes nuts with retrospectives and reviews and “most important” stories of 2013. And, of course, it will always involve celebrity news in some way or other. Any bets that “twerking” returns to the conversation?

The No Agenda Show develops its news focused on the machine itself. The machine that pumps out garbage to distract the masses. Who is profiting? How are they profiting? Why are they profiting in the first place?

And there is no NA thesis that says profiting is bad. What is bad is the bogative and often exploitative apparatus used to dupe the public into thinking something else is going on when it is just about the money. It’s dishonesty and corruption that No Agendalooks at. It may be a few layers beneath the surface, but it is always there if you dig.


As your No Agenda show goes into its seventh full year, all the producers should be proud and happy. Have a very Merry Christmas straight up. Thanks for thecontinued support.

Your humble co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Merry Christmas from John and Adam to the No Agenda Family