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Sunday, December 1, 2013

No Agenda Producers Update

Dear Producers,

This is the giving time of the year. And before you go to some big box store and buy that motorized junk mechanical reindeer  to decorate your house or get a talking Santawhich you will regret owning. Think of the No Agenda Show as alternative use of this expense. You will be supporting the show you love and the show that keeps you from falling into the pit of nonsense created by the government-public relations abyss designed to keep you in your place.

When the first of the NSA leaks first appeared and Snowden was still unknown you heard most of the media calling him a traitor and how important it was to let the NSA do its job. This was spouted on Fox, MSNBC, all the talk radio folks and the major news networks. It was relentless. On your No Agenda Show the first thing said was the only reason for this sort of surveillance was for intimidation, inside information for buying and selling stocks and blackmail.

It was just a matter of time before the blackmail angle finally appeared and now it has with documents revealing that all the porn sites are monitored and the users are monitored, These users, if they are involved in anything politically can now be discredited and intimidated or simply told what to do.

Apparently the NSA has the porn watching habits on a famous (yet unnamed) Hollywood 9-11 Truther who can now be told to shut up or he might find his career ruined by his private activities.

This was predicted long ago by the No Agenda Show. The No Agenda Show is the only source of this sort of forward-analysis that makes sense of the news.

You are not surprised by any of these blackmail revelations because your No Agenda Show prepares you in advance. This analysis and insight is as important as anything anyone is doing in a world now dominated by scripted often bogus news reporting by the rest of the untrustworthy media that merely parrot what they are told to parrot.

As one producer said, “No Agenda is the Guardian of Reality.” Let’s keep this going for everyone’s sake. Donate today. You should also think about grabbing the most popular subscription level of $33.33 a month.

Good stuff on tomorrow’s show.

Your co-host,
John C. Dvorak
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