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Friday, June 27, 2014

New anti-spam rules sow confusion for business and charities (including my rant)

This new "law" that is going to be put in place is so full of questionable issues that it will become a lawyers winfall. To start with, giving the CRTC the right to police this means nothing more than a wing of the current government in power has final say. The one issue it deals with is spam and unsolicited mail and text including twitter TO YOUR PHONE.. now here is where the technical part comes in to play: Unless you enable email on your phone then any email that goes to your desktop or laptop is ok? It refers to text messages, again unsolicited yet regardless of any unwanted incoming text you are still going to be charged by your phone provider so you are also going to be dealing with them on this. I don't know about you but I have asked for text services to be blocked back in the day when I had Rogers as my phone provider only some still came through and yes, I was charged each month.. it got to the point that I found it cost me more in my own personal time to contact them and get the unsolicited texts (that were supposed to be blocked) that I just gave up.  
So you tell me how this is going to be any different?  As it has been from the dawn of internet email, you could send a spam message to your internet provider's email service and it was supposed to be blocked. Sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn't.  
Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of removing unwanted 'junk' and 'spam' from the internet but at what costs, 1 Million dollars? You can bet the first actual case that goes to court will have more publicity than you can ever imagine.. 10 Million for a company... I don't know..someone will do the math on this and probably figure it may be worth it to actually get sued!  

This should be nothing more than 100 tv channels and one that you don't like--go ahead and change the channel but don't be thinking about litigation because it is something you don't  like.  You get a message you don't want, click on the spam/junk email button and it is gone!

New anti-spam rules sow confusion for business and charities