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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
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Great topics this week including continuing coverage of the Bergdahl fiasco and the weird dad and dingbat mom. All sorts of documents have appeared. People are taking sides. Do not miss this show!


Just like old pals

But we cannot overlook what appeared to be one of the biggest audiences for a Congressional hearing this week as the Senate Committee on Campaign Finance discussed a proposed Constitutional amendment engineered to, according to First Amendment lawyers, change the first Amendment regarding freedom of speech. Exactly why 39 Democrats are all-in on this is obvious. It is designed to eliminate dissent in America and these folks are worried about their jobs. Or is there more to it? You’ll hear a deconstruction not found anywhere else in the media.

Dummy Tom Udall, Front Man for Amendment

There’s a lot more coming and hopefully it can be crammed in the time slot. Busy days.

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