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Saturday, June 28, 2014

No Agenda-Saturday News Letter

Dear Producer,
As we head to the Fourth of July weekend next week we expect to see another holiday drop off in both support and listenership. You should note that we work though these holidays unlike most media operations that give up and take the week off. Show your appreciation by contributing a lucky Fourth of July contribution of 74.14. If you do this we will get through what promises to be a lively week of news and analysis. Click here!

Tomorrow expect us to focus on the rigged World Cup with final predictions. Adam has also dug up some very exclusive insight into the IRS email scandal. This promises to be breaking news not found elsewhere.


Mr. Cool in action. No Agenda sys-ops chime in!

Also we cover the presidential candidacy of Joe O’Biden, who is bragging now about being dead broke in an attempt to top Hillary’s nonsensical claim that she and Bill were destitute when they left the White House. Although, that would explain the (long forgotten) fact that the twosome were trying to steal White House furniture.

Hey, can you spare a dime?

And, of course, we are one of the few (only??) USA-based news-analysis podcasts that closely tracks the never-ending shenanigans of the EU.

Goofy EU News? Whaaaaa?

I’ll have a few weird clips for you too, as usual. So make sure you listen to the last show for June 2014. And support the show through July with any form of contribution you can afford by clicking on the support page here.

Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
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PPS Here is the photo you've been wanting. No more kitten, just this. 

This is apparently the Economic Outlook. Dire! Slim pickings.
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