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Saturday, June 21, 2014

No Agenda-The Saturday Missive

Dear Producers,

Your No Agenda Show is headed to its seventh anniversary and, more than ever, it needs continued support, especially during a sluggish summer season. While others are on hiatus during the summer, your No Agenda Show continues unabated. This is so you, the actual producers and supporters, can be the most up-to-date with important current affairs that will affect your life.


Hopefully, you will continue to support the show with a generous contribution. The show would like to offer a special feel the heat open donation. What is the temperature outside as you are reading this email? 70? 80? 69? Donate that amount for a special feel the heat call out on Sunday’s show.

Otherwise, visit the support page here and find a support plan that suits you.


We also like to remind you that most every bank has special time-payment plansthat allows the bank to take out a certain amount from your bank account and mails us a check monthly or weekly or at whatever frequency you desire for however long you desire. This is usually provided as a service to all customers.

The mailing address the bank can use is No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530. This is also an address you can use for special direct contributions of support or anything else you want to send. I received a mug this week. Woo hoo.

The summer is here, so please keep your support steady. And do not miss a show.


On a lighter note I got a funny photo from Sire Gene showing Adam photo bombing Gene and Adam’s visiting niece. I had to share this. All photos can be improved with photo bombers. Luckily Photoshop can remove the offenders.

Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS. Yes people complained about the lack of a cute kitten in the last newsletter. So I found it interesting that singer Taylor Swift apparently has a slew of cats and is destined to become a cat lady. Her new little kitten has become the center of attention. To a cat this is hitting the jackpot.


Soon, the empire will be mine!