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Saturday, June 7, 2014

No Agenda-Saturday Newsletter

Dear Producer,
Tomorrow’s No Agenda Show looks to be another whopper with a look at all the recent shootings as well as continued coverage of the Bergdahl BS. We need yourcontinued support to keep up this torrid pace, Please, if you have not contributed to the show lately, please do so by adding any amount you can afford by clicking here.

And for our EU supporters who are irked by Paypal and bank transfers we may have found an alternative that works thanks to Sir Loek who stumbled upon this. CalledTransferwise, it seems to be a cheap alternative to over-priced wire transfers. I have opened a No Agenda account with the email of, our normal email. If you try this method for transferring euros or pounds document what happened and how well it went. We’ll confirm it on this side if necessary. This may actually work well.

We are a week away from the Nexus of the six week cycle. For the past few cycles, the events have been pretty lame and I expect more of the same although with all the chatter over cyber-terrorism there may be something “cyber” headed our way. We will analyze these trends on tomorrow’s show.

If you have never contributed to the show, change your ways and find something appropriate for you on the support page.

Thank you,
Your co-host

John C. Dvorak
PS Direct checks to the PO Box at No Agenda Show, PO Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530 are very welcome.


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