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Friday, February 13, 2015

Fuck It, I'm Going Back to Firefox

This recent post by Eric Limer is a classic example of someone technically knowledgeable, yet only so much as to figure jumping ship is the easy way to solve the problem.   "Going Back" are two words I HATE to see when talking about technology. It is one thing to use the history from the past to make the future greater but not to compare the past and then complain when something you use now doesn't work as good. Just look at what is happening here with regards to the Chrome browser. Every tom, dick and harry extension and app wants to climb on board chrome and run in the background.  Go ahead and install chrome fresh, without adding all the extensions you will see what I mean.  

I personally use 2 chromebooks alongside my windows and mac computers and the one thing I can say positively about the chromebooks is they are getting faster as time goes forward. With each new build chromebook releases, it seems they trim the fat and make those extensions that are running on top of the chrome o/s work as one, whereas the chrome browser running within the windows (or mac o/s) can't necessarily perform the same way.  

To simply say you are going to stop using it and 'go back' to using firefox is absurd. If you have ever used firefox then you know it won't even function correctly WITHOUT certain added plug-ins. This was my biggest complaint with the firefox browser from the start and there is no way I would recommend this browser to my clients, knowing the constant maintenance required.

Fuck It, I'm Going Back to Firefox