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Sunday, February 8, 2015

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The crazy news piles up.


Dear Producer,

There’s a lot to talk about including the latest maneuvers in the scripted battleagainst ISIS, an awkward new book that sexually insults both the Russians and the Germans, as well as the developing saga targeting news anchor Brian Williams. Plus more!Click here and continue to support No Agenda.

Here is the "wow" from the email subject line. Really? 33 Sex Secrets?What does the code mean in this instance? (Found on newsstand by producer Robert Gold).

Donations were up last Sunday after the previous three flops which had few executive producers and fewer overall donations than normal.

Adam and I thank you immensely for your continued support and plea with those of you who have not donated for a while( (or never donated at all) to contribute to this Sunday’s show byclicking here. Any amount helps.

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I guarantee a minimum of two major revelations on the Sunday Show, maybe more. Help us continue to keep the No Agenda Show alive as the Best Podcast in the Universe.
Your humble co-host,
PS The is one of the last two shows where you can get a double Assoc.Executive.producer credit for a Valentines Day Call Out.
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Giant Jackalope
Many of the No Agenda fans from Europe, Canada, Russia, Asia, the middle East and South America have never seen or heard of the Jackalope. Here is a rare example of the giant Jackalope being ridden by a cowboy. This image was on a postcard so you know it is true.
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