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Friday, March 27, 2015

Big Brother 3 has started

Ok so anyone that knows me also knows that I haven't missed a season of Big Brother.. that is USA from season 1 and of course all seasons of the new Big Brother Canada.  This week BBCAN3 started and so I figured would provide my 10 cents (or 1 loonie if you are converting to US Dollars--I wish!)

Spoilers I guess however the show has already ended so if you haven't watched it then you should before reading this.

The feeds are live and free (thanks to the advertisements--CBS could learn a lot from Canada here)

If you are in the USA you can watch using the Hola extension for your Chrome browser.

Risha is gone.. so they gave the vote to Canada and as much as I would have liked to see her stay at least one more week to see if she could bridge the age-gap... the thing is, she is the ONLY one that is in her 40s and the average is well in the 20's so right off the bat she was given a real negative mark against her.. then, giving Canada the vote pretty much sealed her fate as I am sure those that were voting were in their 20's or teens and just saw her as a joke.  To be honest, when she dropped her top in the hot tub, to me, that was a sign she was definitely trying too hard and really not going to do any good winner the votes of the other women in the house.  Now that I watch the live feeds as well as "after dark' from the first night it appears they didn't waste any time to match up with the various HG"s..

The feeds are up with 4 rooms and a bonus room that the feeders get to vote on.. nice touch but I would still like to have the quad cam option even though the thumbnails do show the other cameras, they are quite delayed and too small to really enjoy any real sort of viewing.

My early favorites (or favourites if you are Canadian like me) The quarterback has people glued to his side and him having an early alliance with the IT geek should work in his favor. I'm not saying he is my fav but I think he will do well if he doesn't have too much of a mark on his back being so athletic. Time will tell. As for the women.. I'm not sold on any one person at this time.. as I have just started watching.. Nobody annoys me but I'm also not blown away by any one person this season initially either.

In the afterdark program, it appears the guys were doing a lot more game play plotting than the girls but no worries as the girls will become quite catty sooner or later. I'll leave it at that and start watching the feeds!