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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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No Agenda Thursday Show

You cannot fight a propaganda barrage alone...


Dear Producer,

After two shows with less than stellar support (the Sunday show was pretty pathetic and we want to thank those who showed up to contribute at least something, especially the generous producers). For that reason the upcoming show needs your attention.

If you have not contributed for a while or, especially, if you have never contributed to the No Agenda Show, please do so for tomorrow’s showYour help is needed more than ever.
No Agenda is your lifeline to real news analysis, with revelations about odd connections between organizations and people, unlikely coincidences, government contradictions designed to trick you into thinking in ways that make no sense. It just never ends and it goes deep.
"Just look at these as I tell you what to think."
It’s very important that presentations such as the No Agenda Show exists as many people sense things are askew but need to have it confirmed for them so they can do their business without suffering in a fog of confusion. We are not kidding when we say that No Agenda is healthy for you, good for you. It allows you to develop the coping mechanisms to handle what can only be described as media and government lies.  There is no kind way of putting it.
What else do you call the never-ending skew you are presented with by mass media operations. We have played for you over and over the admissions of people who brag about how they manage to promote government propaganda into popular entertainment shows such as the NCIS franchise and others.

You are being bombarded by misinformation, disinformation, false information, harmful information. No Agenda is a valuable shield against the damage. Please support us.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

PS Remember that Sunday is Pi day. So far this has been a disappointment. Anyone who contributes $314.15 for the Thursday show will get a double producership and be listed on Pi Day too. ONE DAY SPECIAL.
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