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Sunday, March 29, 2015

No Agenda-Saturday Memo

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Douchebags. Do not become one.
On tomorrow’s show there will be continued deconstruction of the doomed Airbus flight with more interesting unreported facts. You may want to read about a similar situation (without the addition of a supposedly crazy co-pilot) here. This happened last November.

Also some new anomalies have emerged.
The American audience will be taken aback by the sudden announcement by Harry Reid, the Democrat Senator who ruled the roost for a decade, will retire. Of course after his mysterious mishap with a supposed exercise machine leaving him apparently blind in one-eye and beat-up. You  have to wonder why the FBI has not been looking into this.
In Africa yet another outrageous Al-Shabaab siege ended up with 24 dead. This time is was a crappy-looking hotel in Mogadishu that had been a target before. There has to be some specific reason this place was a target and it does not seem to be reported well in the Western media, as usual.
And especially for you tomorrow: tech news. Listen live if you can at 9 PST.
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