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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Dear Producer,

Your No Agenda Show is asking you to renew your vows to the show and contribute any amount you can afford for this Thursdays show. So far the numbers are down. Click here. Everything helps.

Spring has sprung and this is a good time to review the nearly 8 years that the No Agenda Experiment has survived against all odds. It continues because of the producers of the show like you have decided that what is done for you on the No Agenda Show is actually worth paying for. Hopefully you fully understand those words, “actually worth paying for.”

Most of what you watch on TV, listen to on the radio or over the Internet cannot make this claim because you are the product being sold to the advertiser and the advertiser is the client. And the client or customer is always right. What they say goes! The system in corrupted.
So you will not get critical analysis of BNSF or Standard Oil on the PBS NewsHour. And you cannot get critical analysis of drug makers on the NBC Nightly News. It’s not possible. Those are all advertisers.

The self-censorship of the media is institutional and unavoidable. This is why the comfort zone of the mainstream media is celebrity news which is often bought and paid for too.
Hear what our listeners and producers have to say:

Jonathan Showman student from Oklahoma: "Been listening for about two years now. This show is an outstanding product which has been the antidote to help get me through some very hard times."

Sir Richard Gardiner out of Chicago: "The comment from Andrew Sawyer on episode 703 about being utterly exasperated with the news media and how his family and friends 100% buy-in to it all really struck a chord.  I too am yet to turn 30, and I find it extremely hard to discuss any current events with anyone I know just because I'm not “all-in” with what's being spouted from the talking heads on CNN 24-hrs a day.  The hardest part is seeing family members get sucked into the same black hole and seemingly having no way of being able to drag them back out.
This is It’s been said before. Listening to outright lies, fabrications and perverted interpretations of reality is not healthy for you or anyone around you. It’s unhealthy and bad for you. TV celebrities offer no insight or help. They are there as part of the commercial machine to promote more entertainment outlets to keep the public stupefied.
When you find someone with whom you argue about the realities of current events just stop in the middle of the conversation and say, “You have been stupefied!”

Add no further information and watch what happens.
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Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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