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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Big Brother Canada Status update

Although the fourth season is now well under way, I am only now getting to writing about my opinion on things. 3 people have now been evicted, Paige, Sharry and last week, Christine.  Paige was a nobody as most every first houseguest out the door typically is. This is mostly because the feeds start after the guests have been in the house for at least a few days so by the time we get to familiarize ourselves with the houseguests, they have already made up their mind as to who is going home. Paige was the youngest at 19 so that was most likely the reason--less maturity in bonding with people, whereas the eldest in the house, Christine, had less troubles socializing but unfortunately choose not to with all sides of the house. Sharry just so happened to be too closely associated with Loveita who nicely crafted her game by getting the fingers pointing at Sharry when the two of them were on the block together.

That brings me up to Loveita who is arguably playing the best game so far. Even though it may be hard to see it because she now appears to be sucking up to Joel who is currently the head of house, but it is mostly because Loveita had already won two out of the possible four HOH victories so she was pretty comfortable hanging out in what could end up being her house if she continues to play the way she has been. True, her last HOH win was by chance but it is everyone's chance and she was victorious.. something we tend to see happen on Big Brother no matter if it is USA or Canada, whereas the house shift is quite dramatic each and every week.  Loveita is, at least looking forward in the game and how she could benefit from the moves she makes, whether she is in charge or hanging out with the ones that are and that is what she has done by making a semi/small alliance with both Joel and Mitch.  Joel on the other hand, who is noticeably like Ian or Steve from BBUSA, an awkward genius in his own right, sticking to the middle of the house but befriending both sides. He should quite easily make it to jury as it won't matter what the outcome is this week in power because he should not be a target next week or the weeks following unless he truly chooses one side over the other without appearing like a floater.

Diversity has never been a problem in BB Canada, much like the country itself (no bias here :-)  We have had gay male and female houseguests in the past but I do not believe we have had two gay male houseguests in one season. I'm not sure if BB Canada was hoping for some showmance to appear from this but it seems that won't be the case, even though they (Mitch and Raul) do like each others company, they appear to be more aligned with different groups in the house.  And on the note of showmances, it appears Maddy and Nick are the two to be most likely to succeed as the romantic couple, even though it is Jared and Kelsey that are attached at the hip. It is the uniqueness of Kelsey, Jarad and Raul that have the house in a tizzy currently, feeling the three are too much of a powerhouse, that they must be broken apart. Let alone the fact that there are two brothers playing as one, that are very closely aligned with both Maddy and Dallas.  The two foreigners, Nikki and Tim are also not to be forgotten as it appears Tim is the ultimate floater in this game but doing it so gracefully that nobody suspects it. Everyone loves Tim and so far he is not even registering as a target.   Nikki, of whom I thought was going to be a total mess with all the outbursts and tantrums is nothing more than a typical English blowhard, wanna-be actress, who can pour it on when the time suits her. Otherwise Nikki is a non-starter and will float her way to become a number for whichever side needs her. So far she has been staying close to Loveita during her dual-reign in the HOH so it is likely she will side with her wherever that direction takes her.  During the votes however, both Nikki and Tim have purposely kept them divided, if for no other reason than to keep the house guessing.  The most recent vote from Tim who openly stated Cassandra was his bestie, voted to evict her, even though she is still in the house.I personally have not witnessed any repercussions from this so I'm not even sure Cassandra is aware he did this.

So where does this leave me feeling about the season so far?  It's still early.. so early that just last week I was depressed and figured I might even just give up watching, but my attitude (and sleep schedule)  has changed and I'm feeling much better about it. BBCan has never been a disappointment for me. In fact the past/first 3 years I can quite honestly say it has surpassed most seasons of BB USA but that may be due to the lack of being able to change things up on that show.  They truly need to make some serious changes in my opinion, beginning with the retirement of Julie Chen.. The challenges, the house.. these are things I quite like about BB Can. Each year they build a new house and have corporate sponsorship driven right in to the show... absolutely nothing wrong with that, if the entire series wants to be "brought to you by..."  I'm all for it, especially when the Houseguests are the ultimate winners by receiving cash prizes and other things from these sponsors, so long as they continue to up-talk the company throughout the show within the diary sessions, etc.  For those of you watching the show on network TV and getting "sick and tired" of the Brick commercials..get over it.. it's part of the show.. for those of you sick and tired of all the blackouts of the "free" feeds (always have been free in Canada).. and yes, I'm one of those that can say this season, so far, seems to have a lot more down time on the feeds than previous seasons but thanks to twitter feeds that tell you when the feeds are back and big brother viewer programs that make the time-(warping) of the feeds a thing of beauty, who really cares about the down time!