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Friday, March 4, 2016

HP Pavilion G6-no wireless after bios flash Fix! [technical-tip]

I have been working on a computer that simply wouldn't upgrade to windows 10 the normal way, through the windows upgrade icon. It would get as far as ready to install and then "something  happened" and of course there is no help from Microsoft on this regardless of the thousands of forums with possible solutions.  In my case the solution was to put the computer on my bench and install from a windows 10 flash drive. The upgrade went quite smoothly.. that is until I realized after upgrading that there was a bios update. The laptop was running version 42 and there was a version 46 and the latest, v48 so of course I upgraded to that.  

The problem was I went to bed after doing so and during the night windows upgraded itself to the latest build so I didn't think about the bios until after I had reverted back to the previous build--that didn't work.. used the image backup disk that I had created--that didn't work.. and then, as I continued to search for solutions through the many forums where many people had the same problem, one such site mentioned editing the bios default o/s however this wasn't an option within the 'insyde bios' even by performing a hard reset. So I got to thinking maybe I'll just go back one version, to v44 and see what happens.  Viola!  The wifi is working.. 

So in conclusion, DO NOT upgrade to v48 as it appears that is what caused the loss of wireless.  V46 seems to work just fine. And, considering the upgrade was done with an older version (v42) and windows 10 worked just fine, I am sure upgrading to v46 only won't be a problem. In fact it is the solution!